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jmagazinescans's Journal

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Japanese Fashion Magazine Scans
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This is a community for Japanese or any other Asian fashion-related magazine/book scans.

Please read the rules before posting!

- When posting scans, please use thumbnails. A preview image can be used, but any other pictures must be put behind a cut.

- Requests for scans are fine! Please check the "request" tags before you request! We don't want any repeats

- Photos are allowed, but scans are preferred. If you do use a camera, make sure your pictures are clear!

- No trade or selling posts

- If possible, include a .zip/.rar if you have a lot of scans. This isn't necessary, but it's helpful.

- You can view previous scans in the memories or tags.

-When you post you must add tags including the name of the magazine and the year the issue was published

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