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maishjo in jmagazinescans

Popsister stopped releasing?

Hi! Could anyone please tell me why there hasn't been another Popsister magazine since the November 2011th issue? Have they stopped releasing it? I can't live without Popsister, I need it now, please answer! T_T


It's gone out of publication now.
That's so sad to hear! Any idea why?
Unfortunately PopSister has been discontinued since the November 2011 issue.
Hee?? But why?! Didn't they sell enough or what? And what will happen to all the models?
Oh I see, thank you so much for your answer! So it will eventually come back in the future? :D
I think it was because Tsubasa left and they were worried no one would buy the magazine anymore. That's just what I heard though... No idea what happened to the models. :(
Whoa Tsubasa left?! That's such a shame! D8 Any idea why she left?
Not really sure, but maybe to pursue her singing career?
Yeah I guess so... Oh I'll miss Popsister so much T_T Well thank you anyways for answering my question!
Yeah, I'm gonna miss it too... :( No problem! ^^
Tsubasa left the mag in order to focus on her family for the time being. I guess she's been working a lot on her clothing and makeup brands aswell.

Sad to hear about Popsister though, I really liked that magazine :/
It's very sad. Tsubasa was having trouble with her marriage and had all the music promotion to do....

Yui Kanno was back in Popteen in the latest issue and Ami & Aya can be found in ViVi. But they're special guests only in these magazines. Such a shame. They should totally bring back PopSister.
Popsister was one of my favourite mags T_T it will indeed be missed.

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