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hozumiginger in jmagazinescans

Men's fashion magazines??

I'm thinking about getting a subscription to a men's fashion magazine for my 16 year old brother but I am clueless on which one to get him.

How would you classify each magazine and what do you recommend??
street jack, smart, men's non-no, fine boys, bidan, etc2...


There's Men's EGG
Does your brother have an interest in Japanese fashion magazines? It wouldn't be a strange random gift right?

I'd recommend smart or men's non-no as they're the alternate CUTiE and non-no magazines, very clean layout, different styles of clothes, other interesting/fun features.
If he's really into street fashion TUNE would be perfect (though it's pretty hard to find and very expensive, actually most men's magazines are more expensive...)

I think MEN's egg would be a bit extreme (unless they're really into that style).
He's starting to take an interest in fashion but doesn't know where to start. + we're both japanese, so.

Yeah, I'd say men's non-no is a safe choice ^^
Yeah, it really depends what kind of style your brother is...although personally I think that if he's sixteen and not at all that extreme, I'd get him bidan, and probably men's non-no. fine boys seem a little mature for a 16 year old boy...unless he really likes that style?

But yeah, haha, I don't exactly know, my mom won't let my buy men's magazines...although I want to
1.BOON - "Street fashion magazine for young men and women"
Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:women,men,10s,20s

2.CAZI CAZI - "Magazine for street fashion in the Kansai area"
Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:men,10s,20s

3.CHOKI CHOKI - "Hairstyle magazine for young men"
Field:beauty, Style:street, Market:men,10s,20s

4.CLUBISM - "Information magazine for Kanazawa and surroundings"
Field:lifestyle, Style:main-stream, Market:women,men,20s,30s

5.COOL TRANS - "Street fashion mag. for young men in their teens"
Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:men,10s,20s

6.COSMODE - "One of Japan's most popular cosplay magazines"
Field:apparel, Style:other, Market:men,women,10s,20s

7.DENGEKI LAYERS - "One of Japan's main cosplay magazines"
Field:apparel, Style:other, Market:women,men,10s,20s

8.FINEBOYS - "Magazine for 'cute boy' fashion"
Field:apparel, Style:casual, Market:men,10s,20s

9.FRUITS - "The ultimate street fashion magazine"
Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:women,men,10s,20s

10.GET ON! - "Street fashion mag. for men in their 10s"
Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:men,10s

11.HIGH FASHION - "One of Japan's most respected fashion mags"
Field:apparel, Style:stylish, Market:women,men,10s,20s,30s

12.HUgE - "'High sense street fashion mag' for men"
Field:apparel, Style:other, Market:men,20s,30s

13.Men's JOKER - "'Middle of the road' fashion for men in their 20s, 30s"
Field:apparel, Style:casual, Market:men,20s,30s

14.Men's NON-NO - "Extremely popular men's fashion mag"
Field:apparel, Style:casual, Market:men,10s,20s

15.Ollie - "Mag for skateboarders"
Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:men,10s,20s

16.POPEYE - "Fashion mag for young urban men"
Field:apparel, Style:casual, Market:men,10s,20s,30s

17.re-quest/QJ - "For professionals in the beauty & hairstyling sector"
Field:beauty, Style:main-stream, Market:men,women,10s,20s,30s

18.Samurai magazine - "Fashion around surfing, skateboarding and BMX"
Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:men,10s,20s

19.SOTOKOTO - "Popular LOHAS lifestyle mag."
Field:lifestyle, Style:other, Market:women,men,20s,30s,40s

20.STREET - Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:men,women,10s,20s "Mag. for European & US street fashion"

21.street Jack - "Street fashion mag. for men in their teens"
Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:men,10s

22.STUDIO VOICE MAN - "Fashion & culture mag for men"
Field:apparel, Style:casual, Market:men,20s,30s

23.TUNE - "Street fashion mag for young men"
Field:apparel, Style:street, Market:men,10s,20s

24.UP to boy - "'Visual mag' for men"
Field:lifestyle, Style:main-stream, Market:men,10s,20s

25.Wristwatch King - "Mag. on wristwatches"
Field:accessories, Style:main-stream, Market:men,20s,30s

26.zakka catalog - "Very popular shopping guide"
Field:lifestyle, Style:main-stream, Market:women,men,20s,30s

Hm, I don't know a lot of magazines...

Is there a "kera-like" magazine but just for boys?
I mean, I know there are some editions of "KERA Boys", but I just can't find scans of it... and I would like to know if there's more!
I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful.

mens lifestyle magazine
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