Hello everyone !

Hello everyone ! I hope you're all doing well. 😁 I've been using jmagazine scans for YEARS now, even dough I just created an account.

I've been using the website zasshiko as well, and struggling to find scans since the website has not been updated since 2018. 😢 (By the way' I'd like to thanks BeautyByRayne for uploading once in a while 💟)
However I'm a COMPLETE noob when it comes to [the internet] and I just discovered the existence of the Zazhimi app.😑. But apparently, it is not available anymore outside China, and you can't access it if you don't have an iPhone anyway (my phone's a Huawei.)
I wanted to ask you kindly if anyone knee how to access it (or find the scans) anyway (I live in France). Or, if someone who can access it would be wonderful enough to upload some magazine here (or on a personal blog or anywhere we can access it)

Thank you very much for taking the time time to read my loooooong post, and even more for your answer. 😁 Have a nice day.
кот с рыбкой


Long time no see (no hear, no live happily ever after...duh)

Zazhimi.com is down. I feel down, too. I need my dose of great Japanese magazines scans. 

Do you know any alternatives? An app or a web-site where you can find Jmags (again and again every month :) ) Preferrably for free :)

Info download

Ciao Jmagazinescans,I am already a member of this community,but I haven't access to the download area.
is there anything I can do to get the access?
what's wrong...is it my mistake?..how can I get the access rights?
Thank you in advance!!!